Fieldwork Tracker

Fieldwork Tracker is a fairly simple application that continuously records the phone's GPS position in a timestamped log. Users can take photographs or movies, record audio, and make textual notes. Each of these media items also appears in the log with a timestamp (and a location). In the main interface we can filter the recoded items, showing just photographs or just notes etc. The buttons along the bottom show the different recording options, and there is an icon (showing red amber or green) to denote confidence in the GPS signal.

The audio, photograph and video recording interfaces will be familiar to users of the iPhone OS, as they make use of the system tools for achieving these tasks, thus no new skills need be learned. When a track has been recorded it can be uploaded at a single click either to a dropbox account, or can be emailed directly - note that emailing sends only the log and not any associated media items, while the dropbox method uploads all media items. This approach has been used because of the difficulty of accessing the iPhone/iPod file system from a desktop computer. Dropbox provides an efficient and reasonably secure method of uploading the data.

Fieldwork Tracker can be used with DRS to sensibly lay out data as shown in the following figure: